Monday, March 17, 2008

UFC 9 Motor City Madness

UFC 9 Motor City Madness
Cobo Arena
Detroit, Michigan
  • The format was changed for this event.
  • There is no single elimination tournament like in previous events.
  • There will be 5 main card fights plus the main event.
  • There is also one unaired prelim
  • This event nearly didnt happen as an American Senator took the UFC to court to try and ban it.
  • Due to this there was a new rule added to this event. There was no punching to the face of an opponent. The fighters faced being arrested if they broke that rule. Though the UFC officially excepted that rule fighters were not stopped by the Referee if they did throw punches.
  • Don Frye and Gary Goodridge return taking on new comers and the main event is Shamrock v Severn II.

In the unaired prelim Steve Nelmark beats Tai Bowden via TKO after seven minutes.

Main Card

Zane Frasier v Cal Worsham

This was the second fight in the UFC for both fighters. They both lost there first fight. Fraiser was part of UFC 1.

At the start of the fight both fighters circle each other and feint there punches. Worsham stays on the outside then shoots and takes Frasier down and goes straight to half guard. From half guard Worsham throws head butts, elbows and punches. Frasier taps from punishment.

Rafael Carino v Matt Anderson

This is the debut for both fighters. Carino is a Jui Jitsu fighter and we are told that Anderson is well rounded but prefers to stay on the feet.

Carino shoots straight away and takes Anderson down. He gets side control but Anderson quickly pulls guard. For the next three minutes they jockey for position as Anderson neutralises Carino and works to keep him in the guard. Eventually Carino passes to the full mount. From this position Carino opens up with punches and Big John stops the fight.

Mark Schultz v Gary Goodridge

Originally Goodridge was due to fight Dave Beneteau. Beneteau broke his hand in training and his training partner stepped up on less then a days notice. Schultz was not to be taken lightly as he had won a Gold Medal in the 1984 Olympics for Free style Wrestling.

They circle each other and Schultz shoots for the takedown. Goodridge is able to grab Schultz's head and tries to control him. Eventually he breaks his head free and passes straight to side control. From there he controls Goodrige and throws punches. After about three minutes of this the fight is re started. Schultz takes Goodridge down straight away. He lands with more shots and opens up a cut under Goodridges eye. The fight is stopped to check the cut and then restarted. Schultz finishes the end of the twelve minute regulation with yet another takedown, full mount and punches from top position. There was scheduled to be a three minute over time but the fight is stopped in the corner due to Goodridges nose being broken. Schultz pulls off the upset.

Mark Hall v Koji Kitao

Mark Hall returns and against a new fighter. Koji Kitao is a Sumo Wrestler who is 8 inches taller and 200lb heavier then Hall.

Kitao charges in to take Hall down, as they hit the floor Big John breaks them up. Kitao nose is bleeding and looks broken. It was hard to see what happened but Hall must have caught him flush on the nose as he was taken down. Hall is awarded a TKO victory.

Don Frye v Amaury Bitteti

Originally Frye was due to fight Marco Ruas. Ruas was bitter about his decision loss to Taktarov at Ultimate ultimate 95 so decided to turn the fight down. Bitteti is a late replacement. He is a Brazillian Jui Jitsu fighter who trains with Carlson Gracie.

Bitteti starts off aggressive charging Frye and landing with a front kick, they then clinch and work for position while standing with neither fighter being able to gain an advantage. They break the clinch and Frye lands with two punches that stun Betteti. Betteti then shoots but is unsuccesful as Frye defends with a sprawl. Betteti tries to pull guard but Frye stands up. Frye starts to control the standup with punches and some big knees. Frye then takes Betteti down. Betteti manages to get half guard but Frye is able to land punches from this position. The fight is stopped so that the doctor can check a cut over Betteti's eye.

He is cleared to continue fighting and Frye takes him straight back down and pounds him with punches and elbows. Once again the fight is stopped to check Betteti and he is cleared to re start. Frye takes an exhausted and battered Betteti down again, this time he gets a head lock and throws knees until Big John finally stops the fight. Betteti showed a lot of heart but Don Frye just dominated him.


Ken Shamrock v Dan Severn

This fight was an anticipated rematch and was for the Superfight championship.

This fight lasted for thirty minutes. Most of the fight was spent with both fighters circling each other. No strikes thrown and no take down attempts.

The only things that happened were:

16 minutes. Severn takes Shamrock down with a single leg takedown but Shamrock gets straight to his feet.

19 minutes. Severn gets another single leg takedown but Shamrock reverses him and throws a few elbows from top position, but they are not damaging. After about five minutes of this Severn reverses this position and lands the best shots of the match. Elbows and hammer fists which do cut Shamrock.

We then have two three minute over time periods. Nothing happens in the first period. Three minutes of circling. At the end of the second period Severn takes Shamrock down.

This is arguably the worst fight in the history of the UFC. Severn wins by split decision and is the new Superfight champion.

This was the first UFC event that was not a tournament style. This was obviously the future of the UFC but this event was not a success. There was only two exciting fights out of the six.

Bonus Awards

KO of the night Mark Hall v Koji Kitao

Tapout of the night Cal Worsham v Zane Frasier

Fight of the night Don Frye v Amaury Betteti

Fighter of the night Mark Schultz

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

UFC 8 David Vs Goliath

UFC 8 David Vs Goliath
Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum,
San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • UFC is back. After the disappointment of Ultimate Ultimate 95 The UFC tries a new approach.
  • Its still and 8 Man Tournament but there are 7 new fighters and only one returning fighter.
  • The event is named David Vs Goliath as each first round fight see a big size difference between both opponents.
  • The first two rounds have a 10 minute time limit. The finals and Superfight have 15 minutes. If they go the distance Judges will decide who wins.

  • There is also a Superfight. Ken Shamrock v Kimo Leopaldo.

Before the main card there is one alternate match. Sam Adkins defeats Keith Mieike within one minute by submission due to strikes.

Quarter Finals

Don Frye v Thomas Ramirez

Ramirez is the Goliath in this fight out weighing Frye by 150 lbs. He is also the home town boy and the fans favourite.

They both meet in the centre of the Octagon. Frye throws a left right combination and the second punch lands clean on the jaw and sends Ramirez to sleep in a record 8 seconds.

Joe Morrera v Paul Varlaens

Varlaens is the only returning fighter. He is fighting a tough Brazilian fighter. He out weighs him by 100lb and is 9 inches taller.

Both fighters are very cautious. Morrera is very wary of the size advantage, he throws leg kicks but is constantly moving backwards. Varlaens is always coming forward but wants to keep this fight on the feet and uses his jab. On a few occasions they clinch and when the clinch breaks Morrera throws a big right which continues to land but seems not to affect Varlaens. Another tool Morrera uses in the clinch is the foot stomp. This is a very slow fight to watch and it does go the distance and Varlaens wins by decision. The deciding factor being that he constantly comes forward.

Jerry Bohlander v Scott Ferrozzo

Ferrozzo is the bigger man and he out weighs Bohlander by 100lbs. Ferrozzo is a Pit fighter which is the same back ground as the infamous Tank Abbott. Bohlander is the first guy to come from under Ken Shamrock and the notorious Lions Den.

From the start Ferrozzo uses his size a bull rushes Bohlander up against the fence. He then grabs Bohlander around the waste and throws him down to the ground. He then switches to his back and lands a much better throw. On this throw Bohlanders head accidently hits Ferrozzo's eye and cuts it just under and causes a big mouse. Ferrozzo still has Bohlanders back but they are now on the ground. Ferrozzo works round to the front of Bohlander and sinks in a guillotine choke from the front. With Bohlanders training from the Lions Den he comfortably defends this attempt and gets back to his feet. Ferrozzo holds him against the fence, there is a bit of a struggle and Bohlander lands with a head butt then is able to hook his own guillotine choke in from the front with his legs wrapped around Ferrozzo's midsection being supported up against the fence. Ferrozzo stays calm and fights out of this hold before swinging Bohlander down to the ground and ending up in his guard. There is a stalemate in the guard. ferrozzo throws some headbutts and Bohlander throws punches from his back but neither fighter cause any damage.

The fight is then restarted on the feet. Ferrozzo again pushes Bohlander up against the fence. Bohlander tries to use the straps of Ferrozzo's singlet wrestling top to cut off his air supply by pulling it against his windpipe. With neither fighter making progress they are once again restarted. From the restart Ferrozzo once again pushes Bohlander up against the fence. Bohlander then uses both his hands and uses both straps of Ferrozzo's vest and once again starts to strangle him with it. This is basically a slow choke and you can tell that it is bothering Ferrozzo. Ferrozzo struggles out of this position and only when both fighters hit the ground does Bohlander let go of the vest. On the ground Bohlander is quicker to react and lands with a knee flush into Ferrozzo's face and then sinks in a guillotine. With one minute to go a tired Ferrozzo taps in what was a dramatic and sudden finish.

Paul Herrera v Gary Goodridge

Goodridge is the Goliath in this fight out weighing Herrera by 100lb. Herrera fights from Tank Abbotts camp.

Herrera shoots straight away. Goodridge sprawls and lands in a crucifix position with both of Herrera's arms trapped. Goodridge then throws EIGHT unanswered elbows to the side of Herrera's head. The second elbow actually ko'd him but the elbows were that quick that by the time Big John stepped in the elbows had already landed.

Semi Finals

Don Frye v Sam Adkins

We are told that Paul Varlaens is unable to continue as he broke a bone in his foot in his first fight.

Both fighters have a boxing back ground and start by feeling each other out with punches. This is very even so Frye takes Adkins down and finishes the fight with punches from side control.

Gary Goodridge v Jerry Bohlander

Both of these fighters looked very impressive in the first round. Goodridge is the bigger fighter out weighing Bohlander by 50lbs. It is also pure muscle with the extra weight that Goodridge holds over Bohlander.

Goodridge closes the gap straight away and uses his strength to push Bohlander up against the cage. Bohlander drops to try and take Goodridge down and Goodridge hooks in a standing guillotine. Bohlander is able to break the hold but is still not able to distance him self from Goodridge. To avoid being thrown Bohlander drops to the floor with Goodridge on top of him. Goodridge instantly jumps to side control. He bides his time before trying to get the full mount which Bohlander defends and is able to get full guard. Amazingly from this position Bohlander uses the butterfly guard and elevates Goodridge and ends up in top position. Bohlander works to the mount and throws punches from the mount. Goodridge blocks some of the punches and makes a few attempts to reverse but is unsuccessful. He then just powers through and is able to reverse Bohlander and end up in his guard. From that position Goodridge stands up and uses the fence to balance himself. He then hovers over Bohlander who is trying to create space by pushing Goodridge away with his feet. Goodridge defends that by continuing to hold on to the fence and then lands a big downward right punch to end the fight.


Ken Shamrock v Kimo Leopaldo

Shamrock is back to defend is Superfight belt against the man who shocked the MMA world by pushing Royce Gracie to his limit.

Kimo starts by throwing a kick and Shamrock blocks the kick and then takes Kimo down. Shamrock works to the full mount but decides not to throw any strikes and attempts a choke. Kimo defends this and is able to reverse Shamrock and end up in his half guard. Kimo lands with a big punch and then Shamrock grabs Kimo's leg and works for a leg lock. Kimo tries to wriggle out of it but is unsuccessful and Shamrock sinks in a knee bar and forces Kimo to tap.


Don Frye v Gary Goodridge

On paper this looked like being a very exciting final. Both fighters had looked very impressive and very aggressive in their fights.

Frye comes out and straight away lands with punches and pushes Goodridge up against the fence. Goodridge is then able to wrap his arms around Frye and take his back while standing. Frye throws backwards elbows before Goodridge picks up Frye and throws him to the ground. He then tries to soccer kick him but Frye reacts quickly and gets back to his feet. They then clinch and Frye uses effective dirty boxing and rocks Goodridge with a couple of uppercuts. Goodridge then pushes him against the fence to stop the punches. Goodridge uses his strength and picks up Frye who holds on to the top of the fence. Goodridge has Fryes legs in the air and Frye lets go of the fence and falls to the ground. Goodridge quickly takes Frye's back while is on the ground but Frye reacts quickly and comes back through Goodridge's legs and then takes Goodridge down. Frye throws punches from the top position and Goodridge taps.

Overall this was a great event with some very exciting action. We also saw the introduction of some recognisable faces, Don Frye, Gary Goodridge and Jerry Bohlander.

Bonus Awards

KO of the night Gary Goodridge v Paul Herrera

Tapout of the night Jerry Bohlander v Scott Ferrozzo

Fight of the night Jerry Bohlander v Scott Ferrozzo

Fighter of the night Don Frye

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

UFC 7.5 Ultimate ultimate 95

UFC 7.5 Ultimate ultimate 95
Mammoth Gardens,
Denver, Colorado
  • Ultimate ultimate 95. On paper the best card yet. Once again the format is an 8 Man Tournament with 2 unaired alternate belts. There is no Superfight at this event.
  • On this card there is 4 previous tournament winners and 3 runners up.
  • There is also one major change for this event which is the intoduction of Judges for fights that go the distance

Firstly in the Alternate bouts Joe Charles defeats Scott Bessac via armbar and Mark Hall beats Trent Jenkins via armlock.

Quarter finals

Tank Abbott v Steve Jennum

Jennum who won UFC 3 versus Abbott who was runner up at UFC 6.

Abbott shoots for a take down straight away and uses his strength to push Jennum up against the cage. Abbott throws some punches but Jennum is able to defend the strikes with out taking to much punishment. Abbott continues to push Jennum up against the cage and then puts all his weight on Jennum. Jennum's neck is cranked against the side of the cage and he taps out due to this position. Abbott wins easily.

Dan Severn v Paul Varlaens

The winner of UFC 5 (Severn) versus the runner up of UFC 7.

Severn gets a quick takedown and lands in side position. From this position he works a head and arm choke and Varlaens taps. Another quick fight with Severn winning easily.

Dave Beneteau v Oleg Taktarov

The winner of UFC 6 (Taktarov) versus the runner up of UFC 5. This is also only the second rematch in UFC history ( the first was Gracie v Shamrock).
Both fighters clinch at the start and Taktarov then rolls through and grabs Beneteau's leg and gets the takedown. Taktarov then works for the heel hook. He takes one kick to the face before Beneteau taps. Another one sided fight.

Marco Ruas v Keith Hackney

Ruas won UFC 7. Hackney is the only fighter in the tournament who has not finished in the top two in previous events. He has made enough of an impression in his previous fights to earn his spot in the Ultimate ultimate Tournament.

Both fighters start of cautious. Leg kicks are thrown by both fighters but nothing to effective. Ruas then shoots for a takedown which Hackney is able to defend. Off the defence of the takedown Ruas is able to take Hackneys back while standing and pulls him down to the ground with Hackney on top of Ruas but Ruas still having his back. Ruas is patient and softens Hackney up with strikes to the back of the head before he sinks in a rear naked choke. Hackney taps out.
This fight lasted the longest so far at two and a half minutes.

Semi Finals

Tank Abbott v Dan Severn

Both fighters meet in the middle of the Octagon and Severn shoots for a takedown. Abbott tries to defend the attempt but is eventually taken down. The rest of this fight is spent with Severn holding position and neautralising Abbott. Severn throws strikes but they are more for show as hardly any of the strikes are effective. There is also long spells were Severn just holds Abbott and throws no strikes. Unfortunately Big John did not restart them. The fight went for eighteen minutes with very little action and Severn won by decision.

Oleg Taktarov v Marco Ruas

This fight was also fought at a very slow pace with both fighters being known for there patience. Ruas starts the fight with leg kicks. Taktarov then closes the distance and they both end up against the fence. Ruas then uses is famous foot stomps. Taktarov then rolls for his leg to get the takedown. The attempt is unsuccesful and Ruas ends up on top of Taktarov who manages to put Ruas into his butterfly guard. Taktarov uses the cage to get back to his feet. He then lands with some punches before grabbing the guillotine and pulling guard. The guillotine was not in properly and after about two minutes Big John restarts both fighters on there feet.
This does nothing for the fight as both fighters circle each other and throw a combined total of two leg kicks each in a two minute spell. There is five minutes left and Taktarov tries to push the pace with a couple of takedown attempts but Ruas is able to defend. We once again go to the Judges and Taktarov wins by decision.


Dan Severn v Oleg Taktarov

Im afraid to say that the final is worse than the two semi finals.
This fight follows the same pattern through out the fight. Taktarov tries to roll for a leg to take Severn down. Severn blocks the attempt and ends up in top position. Severn then uses his wrestling skills to move around Taktarov on the ground and to control him with out causing any damage. The fight is restarted but it always ends up in the same position. Both semi finals were eighteen minutes and the final is thirty minutes.
After thirty minutes of nothing Severn wins by decision.

Overall this was great idea on paper but it did not work in reality. The first round fights were all won easily and were not competitive and the semi's and the final were very boring as each fighter cancelled each other out.

Bonus Awards

KO of the night There was no KO's or TKO's

Tapout of the night Dan Severn v Paul Varlaens

Fight of the night Marco Ruas v Keith Hackney

Fighter of the night Dan Severn