Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fight Team League Rules

- Each member of the camp who wants to participate PM's a list of fighters (1 from each weight class) who they want to represent them in the forthcoming year. They will also include the name of their team. This can, but doesnt have to, include members names/usernames.

- At each event, scores will be awarded on a football-style basis, 3 points for each fighter who wins, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss/no contest. These will be tallied up and after each event the league table will be updated.

- Title fight (including Interim Championship's) wins are worth double points

- Bonus point awarded for a fighter finishing the fight (KO, TKO, Submission, Dr Stoppage)

- Weight classes are: HW, LHW, MW, WW, LW and FW

- The organisations you can pick fighters from are: UFC, WEC, EliteXC, Cage Rage and IFL.

- Also, substitutions will be allowed. 3 per team. So if a fighter was out injured for 6 months, or just not doing well, you could replace them.

- If a fighter leaves an organisation and heads to one not on the list, or switches weight classes, then you would not be charged a substitution but be allowed to make a 'free transfer' as it were. Points the fighter won up to that time would be frozen, and your new fighters points would start from the first event after they joined your team.

- 3 point deduction for any fighter found guilty of drug use (performance enhancing or personal enjoyment)

- My decision is final

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