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UFC 2 No Way Out

UFC 2 No Way Out
Mammouth Gardens, Denver, Colorado
March 11th 1994
  • The UFC is back, this time bigger and better. The second UFC was a 16 man elimination tournament. The first 7 first round fights were un aired. The eighth first round fight and the Quarter finals onwards were all broadcasted. UFC 2 was also the debut of the legendary referee Big John McCarthy and his famous phrase, " Are you ready, Are you ready, LETS GET IT ON "
  • The only returning fighters from UFC 1 were Patrick Smith and the defending champion Royce Gracie.
  • There was no time limits, no weight classes and minimum rules.


Scott Morris v Sean Daugherty

Morris defeated Daugherty in a Guillotine choke within twenty seconds.

Patrick Smith v Ray Wizard

Another short fight as the improved Smith submits Wizard with another Guillotine in under a minute.

Johnny Rhodes v David Levicki

Rhodes submitted Levicki at the twelve minute mark with strikes.

Frank Hamaker v Thaddeus Luster

Hamaker wins by submission at the five minute mark.

Orlando Weit v Robert Lucarelli

The end of the fight was shown as a highlight on the live broadcast as it was very dramatic. Around the two and a half minute mark as Lucarelli was on his knees trying to get back up to his feet, Weit a Muay Thai fighter landed with a knee straight to the face. Weit thought he had ko'd Lucarelli and started to walk away with his hands raised. When Lucarelli started to show signs of getting back to his feet Weit turned and ran back over to his opponent and threw four elbows to the back of his head and neck. The fight was stopped when Lucarelli's corner threw in the towel.

Remco Pardoel v Alberta Cerra Leon

Pardoel won with an armbar at the ten minute mark.

Jason DeLucia v Scott Baker

De Lucia wins by tapout due to strikes at the seven minute mark.

Royce Gracie v Minoki Ichihara

This was the first fight broadcasted on the PPV. The draw was made random and many people felt that these two fighters were the best fighters in the event and thought this would be the final. Ichihara was a second degree black belt in Karate and had over 60 bare knuckle victories.

Gracie took the centre of the Octagon and got the takedown almost straight away. He took his time trying to isolate one of Ichihara's arms. He then gave up on the arm and used Ichihara's gee against him and won by tap out with a collar choke at the five minute mark. That was Gracie's longest fight to date.

Quarter Finals

Patrick Smith v Scott Morris

Morris charges Smith, Smith clinches ans takes him straight down landing in the full mount. Smith then throws a flurry of elbows and knocks out Morris in spectacular fashion. Smith was absolutely brutal.

Johnny Rhodes v Fred Ettish

Ettish was an alternate who replaced Hamaker who was injured in his prelim bout.

Rhodes and Ettish meet in the middle of the octagon. Rhodes with a boxing stance and Ettish with a Karate stance. Two straight right punches drop Ettish to the floor. After about a minute of Ettish trying to get to his feet and Rhodes trying to keep him down, Rhodes throws a big downward punch and then takes top position. Rhodes eventually puts on a very loose choke and Ettish taps out.

Remco Pardoel v Orlando Weit

Pardoel the Judo and Ju Jitsu guy out weighed Weit the Muay Thai fighter by 90 lbs. Pardoel worked in close and took Weit down with a Judo throw. He landed with Weit underneath him in a crucifix position. Pardoel was patient taking his time and controlling Weit. He then threw a backward downward elbow that landed flush on Weits head, the second elbow ko'd Weit, but four more were thrown before the fight was stopped. Another viscous KO.

Royce Gracie v Jason DeLucia

Gracie and DeLucia had fought before in a Gracie challenge match with DeLucia lasting five minutes.

Gracie took DeLucia down in his guard and then quickly reversed the position and took the full mount. As Delucia tries to improve his position and shake Gracie off Gracie hooks the armbar for his second submission of the night.

Semi Finals

Patrick Smith v Johnny Rhodes

Smith closes the gap and pushes Rhodes up against the fence. He lands with a head butt and then catches Rhodes with a standing Guillotine and forces Rhodes to tap.

Royce Gracie v Remco Pardoel

This looked like it could be an interesting fight for Gracie with Pardoel also knowing Ju Jitsu and out weighing Gracie by 90 lbs.

Gracie is the most aggressive and shoots in on Pardoel wrapping his arms round his waist and trying to take him down from the side. Gracie then trips Pardoel and takes his back. Gracie uses the gee and chokes Pardoel for another submission victory.


Royce Gracie v Patrick Smith

Smith had looked very aggressive all night with some very explosive finishes in his three fights. Had he got enough to be able to push Gracie.

Gracie quickly closes the gap and takes Smith down very easily. He then throws punches from the half guard and Smith submits very quickly.

Bonus Awards

Ko of the night Patrick Smith v Scott Morris

Tapout of the night Royce Gracie v Remco Pardoel

Fight of the night Patrick Smith v Scott Morris

Fighter of the night Royce Gracie

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Looks entertaining, I have these at home but not watched them for ages. It's amazing some of the brutality in these events compared to todays fights.