Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fight Team League - Elite XC results

Here we go, the breakdown of scoring for EliteXC - Street Certified is:

Tap or Snap
Kimbo Slice - 4pts

The Wangers
Antonio Silva - 3pts

Also, on the ShoXC event which took place a couple of weeks ago, Ben_Hutch had Paul Daley getting another W to his fantastic record, giving him 4 more points.

The overall table now looks like this:

Chuck Liddell's Left Testicle 11
The WarWagon 10
Rampant Rabi's 8
Barnbusters 7
Momma Said Knock Us Out 7
Scottie Too Hottie 7
Great Wyrms 7
MMAnchester MMAssive 7
My Team's Harder Than Yours...Bitch! 7
Tap or Snap 4
The Wangers 3
I Love Dana's Hair 3
Tapout to tattflash 0
Teeside MMA 0
Team 3:16 0
Gooch Punchers 0
Team Ruthless 0
Don Black Belts 0
Nainova Xtreme 0
Steed's Sluggers 0
Audere Est Facere 0
Psalm 144:1 0

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hellboy/haymaker said...

come on MMAnchesterMMAssive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gutted still baned from the playground!aaaaaaaahhhhh