Monday, February 11, 2008

UFC 5 Return of the Beast

UFC 5 Return of the Beast
Independence Arena
Charlotte, N Carolina
  • The 8 Man Tournament returns.
  • There will once again be two alternate matches.
  • And, what should be the highlight of the night, the first ever superfight.
  • Royce Gracie v ken Shamrock II.

The two unaired prelims were Dave Beneteau v Asbel Cancio and Guy Mezger v John Dowdy. Beneteau won his match via TKO after 21 seconds and Mezger won via TKO after two minutes. Mezger had won qualification to the tournament at UFC 4 but due to his training partner and friend Oleg Taktarov being in the tournament he declined the invitation for the tournament. Also he will be the second alternate used for the same reason already mentioned.

Round 1

Andy Anderson v Jon Hess

Hess is nearly 1 ft bigger and 60 lbs heavier in this fight.

The fight starts with Hess charging out and throwing a flying knee which semi connects. Hess then throws wild punches, Anderson shoots in for a double leg takedown and Hess just stands there and throws elbows to the spine of Anderson before sticking his fingers straight into his eye. While Anderson reels from the eye gouge Hess throws Anderson to the floor and drops onto Anderson with a double knee drop. Anderson uses the momentum of the knee drop to reverse Hess and ends up in his guard. He then works to side control. Hess then just stands right up and drops Hess with a punch before finishing the fight with soccer kicks. The fight lasted just over one minute.

Todd Medina v Larry Cureton

Medina is the first fighter to represent Jeet Kune Do, the martial art made famous by Bruce Lee. Cureton is primarilly a striker.

Medina instantly shoots in and takes Cureton down. Medina works from the guard with headbutts and rabbit punches. Medina then works to half guard and then side control. Medina throws two uppercuts to the groin and then chokes Cureton with his forearm for a tap out.

Oleg Taktarov v Ernie Verdicia

Taktaorv comes in to the event as a European Judo, Sambo and Jiu Jitsu champion. Verdicia is a three time Florida state Karate champion.

Verdicia comes out aggressive going straight at Taktarov. Taktarov instantly pulls Verdicia down into his guard. Taktarov tries for an armbar but is unsuccesful. He then switches to the butterfly guard which he uses to roll Verdicia right into a head and arm side choke. Verdicia submits.

Dan Severn v Joe Charles

Dan Severn is back after his loss in the Final against Gracie. Joe Charles is a Black belt in Karate and Judo.

Severn shoots straight away for a quick takedown and is succesful. He then pushes Charles up against the fence and throws knees to the head from side control. One of these knees opens up a cut on Charles head. Charles manages to pull guard. Severn through punches from the guard. As Charles tries to stand up Severn quickly takes his back and wins with a chin lock choke.

Semi Finals

Dave Beneteau v Todd Medina

Due to a bruised hand Hess pulls out of the tournament and Beneteau comes in as an alternate. Beneteau's background is Wrestling and Judo.

Beneteau gets a quick takedown. He throws punches from the guard and then tries to take the back of Medina. The attempt is unseccesful but he does end up in the full mount. Beneteau then uses punches from the mount forcing the fight to be stopped.

Dan Severn v Oleg Taktarov

These are easily the two tournament favourites meeting in the Semi final.

Severn takes Taktarov down straight away. Severn throws punches which are ineffective. He does mangage to work to half guard but damage is not being caused by either fighter. Taktarov rolls for an armbar and takes knees to the head in the process. He keeps grip of the arm but is unable to extend it due to being to close to the fence. From a result of the knees to the head there is nasty cuts on Taktarov and the fight is stopped by Big John McCarthy. Taktarov wanted to continue to fight but Big John would not allow him.


Ken Shamrock v Royce Gracie

This fight was billed as the biggest in the UFC at this time. This fight had a lot of hype but unfortunately did not deliver. The fight was supposed to have a thirty minute time limit and there was no judges.

The whole fight was spent with Shamrock in Gracies guard. There was hardly any action from either fighter. Even when the fight was restarted they always ended up back in that position. After 31 minutes the fight was stopped.

The officials seemed to be making things up as they went along and decided on a five minute over time period. When the fight restarted Shamrock landed with a punch which blackened the eye of Gracie who then pulled guard. After five more minutes of very little action the fight was called a draw.

If there had been Judges many believe Shamrock would have been given the decision.


Dan Severn v Dave Beneteau

This is the first final involving two Wrestlers.

Beneteau comes out more aggressive throwing punches. Severn quickly clinches. Beneteau then lands with some more punches and tries for a single leg takedown. Severn throws a knee and Beneteau lets go. From the clinch Severn then gets the takedown and side control. Severn forces Beneteau to tap with a Keylock.

Severn wins UFC 5.

The tournament was ok with out being great but the Superfight was anything but Super.

Bonus Awards

KO of the night Jon Hess v Andy Anderson

Tapout of the night Dan Severn v Dave Beneteau

Fight of the night Jon Hess v Andy Anderson

Fighter of the night Dan Severn

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