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UFC 7 The Brawl in Buffalo

UFC 7 The Brawl in Buffalo
Memorial Auditorium
Buffalo, New York
  • Once again the format is the same as previous events.
  • An 8 Man tournament.
  • A superfight and 2 unaired alternate matches.
  • There was 4 returning fighters and 4 new fighters.

In the first alternate match Onassis Parungao defeated Francesco Maturi via submission from strikes after five minutes. In the second bout Scott Bessac won via guillotine after thirty seconds over David Hood.

Round 1

Gerry Harris v Paul Varlaens

The returning Varlaens is fighting an opponent around the same size as him which is unusual when you are 6 ft 8. Varlaens does still out weigh Harris by forty pounds.

Varlaens grabs Harris and pushes him up against the fence. Varlaens then takes Harris down and lands in side control. Varlaens throws short punches to the face. Harris turns away and gives up his back. Varlaens then throws two big elbows to the back of Harris head to force a tap out.

Mark Hall v Harold Howard

The returning Howard out weighs the new Hall by fifty pounds.

They both come out and Howard throws the first punch. They then clinch. After a bit of working for position Howard trips Hall and takes him down. Hall responds by reversing Howard straight away and ending up in Howards guard. From the guard Hall lands with punches cutting Howards face. Hall is in complete control and Howards verbally submits rather then taking more punishment.

Remco Pardoel v Ryan Parker

Pardoel returns and takes on the 6 ft 3 and 235 lbs Parker.

Pardoel pushes Parker up against the fence. He then grabs a headlock and Judo throws Parker to the ground. The next two minutes is spent with Pardoel controlling Parker from the full mount and looking for a front choke. He eventually sinks in the choke and Parker taps.

Marco Ruas v Larry Cureton

Ruas is the new fighter with a back ground in Brazilian Vale Tudo. He is completely cut and looks like a true athelete. Cureton who lost his only fight in the Octagon is the bigger fighter by forty pounds.

Ruas shoots straight in for the takedown. Cureton defends the takedown and sinks in a standing guillotine choke. Ruas remains calm and picks up Cureton slamming him down to the mat and breaking the hold. Ruas is active on the ground and quickly slips past the guard taking side control and then the full mount. Cureton is here to fight and he quickly reverses the position and ends up in Ruas guard. Ruas attempts an armbar and Cureton escapes by standing up. Ruas reacts quickly and grabs Curetons leg and sinks in a heel hook and Cureton taps.

Semi Finals

Paul Varlaens v Mark Hall

Varlaens is much bigger then Hall. He is 8 inches taller and 110 lbs heavier.

Hall starts the fight by jumping and throwing a punch which bloodies the nose of Varleans. Hall then throws a leg kick. Varleans uses his size and grabs Hall and takes him down. He then mounts and starts throwing elbows. As Hall tries to defend Varlaens grabs his arm and wins with a key lock.

Marco Ruas v Remco Pardoel

On paper this looks a very intereting fight as both fighters have good ground skills.

The fight starts with Ruas throwing leg kicks. Pardoel closes the gap and is able to grab Ruas in a headlock and starts looking for a standing guillotine. They actually stay in this position for five minutes as Pardoel works for a choke and Ruas defends. We then see a move that becomes quite famous but is actually very basic and when used in modern UFC the commentater often refer back to this moment. Ruas uses his big feet to stomp on Pardoels feet. The infamous Ruas foot stomp. Pardoel is thrown by this move and it is clearly bothering him. They then fall to the ground with Pardoel on top. Ruas quickly reverses the position and finally breaks the head lock after six minutes. From the guard Ruas sits back and tries to work for a leg lock. After two minutes of this Pardoel frees his leg. Ruas then stands up and and throws a leg kick before jumping in to side control. Ruas throws knees to the body before taking the full mount. At this point Pardoel taps, it is either from exhaustion or the fact he did not want to take any more punishment.


Ken Shamrock v Oleg Taktarov

Shamrock and Taktarov were training partners and also good friends. We are led to beleive that neither fighter wanted this fight. Will this lead to a slow cautious fight or will they surprise us. In the 2 previous superfights we had a draw and a Shamrock victory. Shamrock is viewed as the Superfight champion and this is his first defence.

This fight went as expected. Both fighters were cautious and most of the fight was spent with Shamrock in Taktarov's guard. Neither fighter really looked to try and finish the fight. Shamrock landed with rabbit punches and head butts. They were stood up a few times by the referee for inactivity. Each time they ended back in the same position with either Shamrock getting the takedown or Taktarov pulling guard. If the fight was a draw after thirty minutes there was suppose to be a five minute overtime period. The fight was a draw but we only had a three minute overtime period.

The fight was ruled a draw after a very boring fight which was very simular to Shamrock v Gracie II.

The outcome of this fight would lead to a positive change in the next UFC which you will hear more about in my next review.


Paul Varlaens v Marco Ruas

Both these fighters had looked impressive in making it to the final. All is set for what should be a great final.

Varlaens is quick to close the distance throwing punches and coming forward. Ruas keeps circling and is also throwing punches as well as leg kicks. Varlaens then clinches and pushes Ruas up against the fence. He throws some knees but Ruas is able to defend them. Ruas is able to turn off the fence and break away from the clinch, as he does so he punches Varlaens on the nose giving him yet another nose bleed. Ruas also continuse to throw leg kicks. Ruas then shoots and Varlaens blocks the shoot and attempts the guillotine. As Varlaens tries to sink in the guillotine he picks Ruas up off the mat with the momentum of the attempt. Ruas breaks the grip and then uses the infamous Ruas foot stomps and is able to work to Varlaens back while standing. They actually stay in this position for five minutes with little action and Big John McCarthy restarts them. In a standing position Ruas starts to take over and for the first time in the UFC we start to see the effect of the leg kick. Ruas picks Varlaens apart with leg kick after leg kick. Varlaens is limping with the effect. He tries to close the gap and Ruas keeps the fight at kicking distance and continues with the punishing leg kicks. After numerous leg kicks Varlaens drops to the mat as his legs just give in. Ruas swarms in with right and left combinations forcing the referee to stop the fight.

This was an good final with an exciting finish.

Overall a good event with the only dissapoinment the any thing but Super fight.

Bonus Awards

KO of the night Marco Ruas v Paul Varlaens

Tapout of the night Marco Ruas v Larry Cureton

Fight of the night Marco Ruas v Paul Varlaens

Fighter of the night Marco Ruas

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