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UFC 6 Clash of the Titans

UFC 6 Clash of the Titans
Casper Events Centre
Casper, Wyoming
  • Once again the main feature is a 8 man tournament.
  • There is 3 returning fighters and five new fighters.
  • Two of the returning fighters are previous runners up.
  • There is once again 2 alternate matches.
  • There is also a Super fight. Ken Shamrock v Dan Severn

The first unaired prelim sees Joel Sutton defeat Jack McLaughlin with tap out due to strikes after two minutes.

In the second bout the returning Anthony Macias defeats He-Man Gibson the same way as above after three minutes.

Round 1

Tank Abbott v John Matua

Matua comes into this fight out weighing Abbott by 100 lbs. We are told these two dont like each other and it is billed as a grudge match.

Both fighters come straight at each other. The first punch thrown by Abbot drops Matua. Matua gets back up and the second punch thrown knocks Matua out in spectecular fashion. As Matua falls to the floor it looks like he has a mini sezuire. The classy Abbott stands over him and mocks him. Matua is fine and after a few minutes is able to leave the octagon. Abbot won in twenty seconds.

Cal Worsham v Paul Varlaens

Varlaens is huge. He is almost one foot taller then Worsham at 6ft 8 and weighs 70lbs more.

Both fighters come out and for the first minute go toe to toe. Worsham has the slight advantge bloodying Varlaens nose. They then both start to tire. Varlaens uses his height and throws a downward elbow to the back of Worshams head. He then throws another and drops Worsham to the floor. Varlaens jumps in for the finish and Worsham taps before he takes any more punishment.

Rudyard Moncayo v Pat Smith

This is Smiths first UFC fight since finishing second at UFC 2. Moncayo specialises in Kempo Karate. Both fighters prefer to stand and fight.

Smith charges Moncayo and flies in with a front kick to Moncayo's chest which floors him. As Moncayo is standing Smith reacts quickly and sinks in the guillotine choke. As Moncayo tries to fight out Smith uses the fence to balance himself. He then trips Moncayo and falls straight in to full mount. Moncayo gives up his back and Smith sinks in the rear naked choke. Moncayo taps.

Dave Beneteau v Oleg Taktarov

Both of these fighters lost to Dan Severn at UFC 5. Beneteau in the final and Taktarov in the Semi finals. This fight is a classic Wreslter v Jui Jitsu.

As the fight starts Beneteau shoots straight away. Taktarov drops to his back and uses his guard. Beneteau pushes Taktarov up against the fence. Taktarov uses the fence to get back to his feet. Benteau then throws punches which force Taktarov to shoot. Beneteau blocks the attempt and uses Taktarov's momentum to suplex Taktarov. Taktarov lets Beneteau roll through and then sinks in a guillotine forcing Beneteau to tap.

Semi Final

Tank Abbott v Paul Varlaens

Once again Abbott is fighting a much larger opponent.

Abbott comes out and throws a big punch and then pushes Varlaens up against the fence. He then takes Varlaens down easily. From the half guard Abbott controls Varlaens with some big punches. In another sadistic Abbott moment he steps through the half guard and pushes one knee onto Varlaens head like he is kneeling on it. The best part is he looks at the crowd and just smiles. He continues to throw punches and Big John steps in to stop the fight. Varlaens is unhappy with the stoppage but he was not defending himself.

Oleg Taktarov v Anthony Macias

Patrcik Smith pulls out with an injury. The alternate Joel Sutton is also injured so Anthony Macias steps up. Macias and Taktarov are training buddies.

In what many believe to be a worked fight Macias shoots in for the takedown and Taktarov wins with a ten second guillotine.

The final is set: Tank Abbott v Oleg Taktarov


Ken Shamrock v Dan Severn

A big test for both fighters. Both fighters have looked very impressive in previous UFC events and only lost to the legend Royce Gracie.

Shamrock closes the gap straight away and clinches with Severn. He throws a knee to the body and then lands with punches to the head. Severn reacts by shooting in on Shamrock. Shamrock is able to block the attempt and stay on his feet. He then attempts to sink in the guillotine and Severn slips his head away. A persistent Shamrock attempts the guillotine again, this time he is succesful and Severn taps.

This was Shamrock biggest win to date and he looked very impressive as he neutralised Severns wrestling skill for an easy submission victory.


Oleg Taktarov v Tank Abbott

Taktarov is surprisingly the aggressor to start the fight, as he initiates with punches, but Abbott is able to take him down and force Oleg to pull half guard. Abbot does not control Taktarov on the ground and Taktarov is able to get back to his feet. Abbott wants to get into a slug fest, but Taktarov is effectively using his jab to get in close and clinch. He shoots, but is unable to take Abbott down. He pulls free and lands a nice uppercut on Abbott. They end up against the fence as Taktarov tries for a guillotine and falls into guard for more leverage. Abbott is able to pull his head free but looks very tired. Because Abbott is starting to tire he rests in the top position rather then push the pace. Weak punches from the bottom is pretty much the extent of Taktarov's offense from the bottom. Defensively though, he is doing a good job in neutralizing Abbott by controlling his head and arms. Five minutes in, and Abbott is looking very tired. Taktarov throws up a triangle attempt, but Abbott avoids it. He has no energy and is unable to do much, but does manage to stand up. Back on their feet, Abbott lands a right and works Taktarov up against the fence at about the seven and a half minute mark. Takatarov does not like how the fight is going on his feet and falls back into half guard, quickly transitioning to full guard. Lots of laying now as both guys look exhausted. Taktarov tries for another triangle without success. Abbott gets side control, but his too tired to do anything and Taktarov quickly gets him back into his guard. Abbott rises up and start landing rights until Taktarov closes his guard again. Big John decides to restart them on their feet as both guys are just plain exhausted. Abbott lands a left and they clinch against the fence. Taktarov tries for single leg, but stands up and locks in a guillotine. He gets it in deep, and falls back into half guard for leverage. Abbott is able to get free, but Taktarov takes his back and sinks in a rear naked choke for the victory at 18 minutes. Both guys are totally exhausted. They even bring in oxygen for Taktarov, while Abbott is able to leave under his own power.

Oleg Taktarov is the UFC 6 Tornament winner. The tournament was exciting with the only dissapointment the worked Semi Final.

The Super Fight was also exciting as there was a clear winner.

Bonus Awards

Ko of the night Tank Abbott v John Matua

Tapout of the night Ken Shamrock v Dan Severn

Fight of the night Oleg Taktarov v Tank Abbott

Fighter of the night Oleg Taktarov

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